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Our mission is to accelerate and achieve strategic, big-vision Kingdom initiatives as God leads us.

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Our Team

Photo of Don Ankenbrandt

Don Ankenbrandt

Inspired by Bob Buford’s Halftime, Don Ankenbrandt left the business world and joined Young Life, where he served as both Metro and Regional Director for 13 years. In 2007, he founded Alliance Ministries with the purpose of coaching men and women to discover their Kingdom calling and to provide them with connections to ministry opportunities. Don is an author and contributor for the 210 Project. His decades of ministry and business experience provide him with opportunity to connect a global network of believers in completion of the Great Commission.


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Photo of Dr. Ralph Plumb

Ralph Plumb

Ralph is a global strategist and author, having worked in "compassion ministry" and traveled in about 100 countries. As a former CEO of both charitable organizations and small companies he has fostered lasting impact. His life mission is, "I connect need with resources utilizing the significant networks and relationships God has entrusted to me." In support of The Kingdom Alliance Ralph brings vital access and partnership opportunities to those desiring to invest time, talent or treasure in vetted and trustworthy big-vision Kingdom initiatives.


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Photo of Tim Young

Tim Young

Tim Young served as a youth minister during the 1980s working with high school and college students, and for the last 20 years he has been a business owner and entrepreneur in the book, magazine, and publishing industry. For the last five years Tim has served on the Board of Alliance Ministries and in 2011 he published The 210 Project.

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What we do

The Kingdom Alliance provides a stewardship partner with vetted, trustworthy people and organizations of faith that are carrying out amazing work in every domain of service and in all corners of the globe.

For those who wish to participate, The Kingdom Alliance will help maximize the role and purpose for which God created you. We can help you by...

We support hundreds of organizations, ministries and foundations who have as an explicit or implicit commitment to fulfill the Great Commission and to serve the least and lost through the Great Commandment.

our purpose

We exist to engage with high-capacity people of faith to help them discern where God wants them to make the highest impact for his Kingdom. We will facilitate either anonymity, if that is desired, or meaningful ways to engage, if preferred.

Our Values

We believe that God is pouring out his Holy Spirit around the globe in an unprecedented manner. During this age when our mortal Enemy is active, but running out of time, Christ-followers are being raised up for accelerated, significant and “big vision” Kingdom ministry. The days are short and the harvest is plentiful.

We know that our Lord has birthed many supernaturally blessed businesses with leaders for whom God has told them to support a huge, global vision. Additionally, many others are at a stage of life where significant acquired resources are available for Kingdom investment.

We understand that many who join us will be clear and unequivocal in what they believe God is calling them to do and where to invest their resources. For others who seek a process to clarify how to link their passions and interest with areas of ministry we will provide tools and opportunities for individual or cohort journeys of discovery and discernment.

We acknowledge that often Christians operate in silos of engagement, with narrow or specific fields of vision, supporting a few organizations, churches or projects of particular interest to them. God has a higher purpose and mission for his people today.

We realize that the Enemy has many adherents, with substantial wealth, being used against the will and purposes of God. But we serve the Master of the Universe who owns and controls all things. We see kairos opportunity to channel new resources (“new wine”) to be placed in new “wineskins”. Collectively, over time, we believe this will be billions of dollars.

We are not just establishing a new organization or foundation. Rather we are committed to becoming a channel of the Holy Spirit to discern and direct funds to people engaged in the fulfillment of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment in specific areas of ministry.