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We accelerate and achieve big-vision Kingdom initiatives.

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Maximize the purpose for which God created you

We can help you discover areas of service that need support, discern how your gifts and talents may be best employed, and provide tangible opportunities for purpose-driven travel and mission engagement.

God is moving in a very significant way around the world. Amazing Kingdom collaboration and acceleration of His plan of redemption is happening now. We are privileged to live in a Kairos time of significance.

Our mission is to accelerate and achieve those strategic, big-vision Kingdom initiatives as God leads us.
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The Kingdom Alliance provides a stewardship partner with vetted, trustworthy people and organizations of faith that are carrying out amazing work in every domain of service in all corners of the globe.

Our domains of kingdom investment

With a global portfolio of ministry partners, we will connect you to kingdom investments with the greatest impact.

The Kingdom Alliance seeks to foster and fund big-vision Kingdom initiatives and, therefore, we encourage, support and will facilitate collaboration and cooperation amongst organizations in a similar “domain” of service. Our top 3 initial funding categories are in areas where we see the greatest attack and opposition of the Enemy:

     1) keeping people from a relationship with Jesus Christ,

     2) undermining the traditional nuclear family,

     3) creating bondage in areas of addiction, trafficking, mental health and oppressing the persecuted Church.

the great
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strengthen the
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set captives
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If you are a Kingdom minded investor or stakeholder we have vetted, fundable projects immediately available which will bring blessing, resources and encouragement in each of these board domains of ministry service.